Grey Skies Blue is the new ambient recorded work from AV ensemble, The Spheres.

Launched as a special event of the 2019 Darebin Music Feast, Grey Skies Blue is a composition which foregoes the rhythmic drive characteristic of The Spheres’ previously released work to explore ambient melodies, drones and overtones with textured guitars, bowed bass and acoustic piano.

Comprised of two contrasting movements, the composition & its accompanying filmic elements offer an impressionistic representation of political protest which explores the contestation of ideology through juxtaposing portraits of power.

Originally conceived as the soundtrack to the experimental documentary ‘Grey Skies Blue’ (directed by Guy Harris & Larry Lawson), the film score was one which evolved over the course of its segmented recording to be regarded as a distinct body of compositional work for The Spheres. 

Its special release via Almanac Recordings (featuring limited edition box sets replete with glass plate still, letterpress card and USB containing audio and video media) is one which offers not only a sense of creative completion for the ‘Grey Skies Blue’ project but an exciting opportunity for the compositional work to be shared with a broader listening audience.

The first of two new recorded works slated for release, Grey Skies Blue is the opening iteration of the current creative directions being explored by the experimental AV ensemble with more work in sound and vision scheduled for release in 2020.